make me choose - anonymous said normilah or camrinah

"What advice do you have for all of this people in this hangout and on the show in general? Who are about to go through what you just went through last year."

So we have now met The Vamps on their new record and it’s safe to say they are a breath of fresh air in British pop. They have a genuine ability to make what feel like the catchiest songs ever, they will literally stay in your head all day. Whilst listening to ‘Meet The Vamps’ it feels like they’re growing up with the record.
The fun and innocence dominates the first half but the songs become more meaningful as the album progresses. We are glad that the album lives up to the greatness their singles have produced, and 2014 could really be the year of The Vamps. 

— Meet The Vamps, tabloid album review.

Q: What’s it like living on the bus with four other girls?

Normani: We get on the bus and we’re so tired. Or we have so much traffic that we bump into each other.

Ally: So we’re like…

Anonymous said:
hey, you're cute.

hey, you’re cuter


Ally being ‘bullied’ by her four children. 

Camila during Lauren’s part in We Know







Oh no.

Oh no.

Oh no.

Why are you saying “oh no” there’s a reason the condom was there. Would you rather whoever took it to go have unsafe sex?

the pin


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