@dinahjane97: Biggie X Smalls 


Camila and Dinah dancing to Countdown by Beyonce

Nicknames. LOL.

  1. Normani: We have nicknames but between, like, eachother. Like, me and Lauren may have nicknames for eachother, but me and Dinah's is different.
  2. Camila: Yeah, we all have different names.
  3. Lauren: I don't have that with anyone.
  4. Camila: No, I call you Lo sometimes.
  5. Ally: I call you Lolo!
  6. Dinah: I call you Lo sometimes.
  7. Camila: Sometimes I'll call you like, Lauren (Rolls R). Like, I'll be like, Lauren (Rolls R)
  8. Ally: They call me Chapa.
  9. Dinah: I call Ally Chapa.
  10. Camila: I call Normani, Moni.
  11. Normani: Moni haha.

Q: What advice would you give other people to get them to believe in themselves?

If y’all could create your ultimate boy band to go on tour with, who would be in it? +